Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nutkin Goes To The Garden Show

Yesterday Nutkin gave his dad some alone-time and headed out with the girls to the Canada Blooms Garden Show in Toronto. It's nice that he's grown enough to be taken to such large public events. As always he was right in on the action...

with mom

 with Aunty Jen

He even bumped into his Uncle Chuck from Beaver Creek.  What a coincidence!

More adventures to come.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Introduction and Family Photos

Nutkin came into our family by way of my very dear friend Shannon in March of last year.  He was her first sewing project, and when I saw him I immediately knew we had to adopt him into our family. We've had a lot of fun including him in our activities and events, this blog will chronicle his continuing adventures. I hope you'll follow along.

Nutkin's introduction to his new brothers Widget...


...and his sister Belle.

Potty training.  We were so proud!

We discovered he likes latte.

Just look at that smile.  Nom nom!

Within a few days he had met our postman...

...and they had become fast friends.

Nutkin at our Tacky Tiki Party

Partying hard with friends...

...maybe a little too hard.

Before his driving test

He passed!

Within a short time Nutkin had proven himself to be a very responsible and contributing member of the family...

he cooks

he's handy around the house

and helps his mother with the laundry.

Our little boy has also become quite the musician.

We've even rapped together.

He came with us to our friends' wedding..

Such a ham sometimes

He loves the girls (takes after his daddy)

Had to wait to get at that cake.. he hung out with the bartender for a while.
(His mommy rather liked him too).

Nutkin was so well behaved we took him to my brother's wedding...

He hung out with the bride for a while..

and mom...

before spending the rest of his time with me as I emceed for the night.

Stay tuned for the next event...